Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Outfit details

Quick and effortless. Bodycon, trousers and heels are all from Zara. Long blazer is from H&M and the little bag is from Prada. 


Thursday, 23 June 2016

3 Favourite Holiday Outfits

This will be a short blogpost on three of my favourite outfits that I wore in Dubai:

I went for a gothic/bohemian look with this outfit. The top is from H&M and the maxi skirt is from Zara. 

This has to be one of my favourite outfits of alllll timeeee! The top is a body from H&M and the skirt is from Zara but I bought it two years ago when they did those crazy bright colours like neon green and neon pink. The skirt is actually Orange but it looks red in the picture. I decided to go for block colours, something Gucci did a few years ago. 

This outfit is very cute for a night out with your girls. I'm wearing a lace crop top from H&M underneath the see through mesh vest from Topshop. You can get from their underwear section. The skirt that i'm wearing is from H&M


Thursday, 15 October 2015


I recently did a little collaboration with a new brand that Harrods has opened its doors to called SET. SET was created by Maya Junger in 2009, so it is a relatively new brand but its success speaks volume. It has evolved into an international global brand in the contemporary premium market, making a name for itself with the fine fabrics, high-quality workmanship and strong fashion statements.

This collection in particular has various standout pieces such as their oversized coats but also their leather items. All pieces are easily combineable and exude a casual elegance which is always paired with an edgy sexiness. The brand aspires to the highest quality standards - which is why the collection is largely produced in Europe using European fabrics and yarns.

The collection is designed with a cool, modern and contemporary look in mind. The focus is on leather, knitwear and coats. Thus, only top-quality leather is used: the best, buttery-soft grade. The latest cuts and finishing techniques turn the leather pieces - which feature in every product group - into unique and truly exclusive pieces. In knitwear, the company's long experience enables the use of innovative technologies in order to be at the forefront of knitting trends. High-quality Italian yarns figure prominently, with many pieces still being crafted in traditional Italian or European knitwear factories. Fine italian fabrics also feature in the modern cuts of jackets and coats. Every piece is carefully developed in numerous atelier fittings. 

I created a few different looks by choosing my favourite pieces out of the collection:

You can get all of these items from the SET concession in Harrods as they are current season. Have fun mixing and matching different outfits! 


Thursday, 25 June 2015


Hey Guys....

Basically, I have a routine that I like to follow at least once a week, to keep my skin looking glowing and feeling healthy. Its really important to look after your face because after all it is what makes you... you! The routine goes as follows: Eyebrows, Face-steam, Face Mask and a little nail paint for the cherry on top.

If you know me personally, you've probably never seen me with my eyebrows grown out; they are always done and always look immaculate - if I say so myself! My eyebrows are the part of my body that I feel most confident about, as I really like to take care of them. There are three things which you have to make sure: 
• Never let them grow out - Making sure that you give the hairs a small trim, as you don't always have to remove the hairs!
• Never change the shape - Your eyebrows grow naturally to match the shape of your face, there is a general shape that they follow. Once you know the shape that you are comfortable with, just maintain it by cleaning up around the edges.
• Pluck them every other day - The hairs will grow naturally quite quickly - so pluck to maintain the fleek!
The only time you will ever catch me with my eyebrows is during exams, because ladies, Exams are more important then brows....(?) no, yeah they are!

I'll let you into secret, I steam my face at least once a week to clean out my pores. Pores can get clogged with anything from foundation to highlighter that you put on your face, and this can result in skin irritations and can also contribute to breakouts. So, steaming is an amazing trick - take note! When you steam your face, it makes you sweat which opens your pores and helps to push out dirt and clear out the pores. The Tweezerman Skin Care Tool Kit (Buy it here) the one I use, and works especially to eliminate blackheads on your nose. It's designed to press out blackheads, and furthermore, because you have steamed your face this makes it way more easier to do. You can steam your face using a bowl filled with hot water (careful!) and a towel. I bought a steamer from Argos for £10 and this works just as well.

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay (Buy it here) - "Aztec Secret indian Healing Clay is bentonite clay from Death Valley, California. Where it is sun dried for up to six months in temperatures that sometimes reach 134 degrees"
I cannot express how amazing this product is. My cousin told me about it, and trust me, she is a total skincare freak and is always on the search for the next best thing. When I say amazing Its A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I've told all my family and friends about it because thats how much I love it. It helps to remove dirt and impurities from the pores of the skin. The clay is beneficial for deep pore cleansing of the skin. I try and use this mask once every week or two weeks. It is very strong and so I would not suggest to use it more than once a week.

• Warning: The First time you use it, it will seem as if it has made your skin worse because all your spots will surface. But this is okay! this goes to show that it is helping as it is pulling the impurities out of your skin so do not stop after the first use (plus it's super satisfying when you take it off). You will see results after the second or third use. I will be doing a separate blogpost on this, and show you before and after pictures.

• Directions for use: "Mix the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay with equal parts of apple cider vinegar. It is best to use a glass, pottery, or a wooden bowl to mix. Stir the mixture until it is a smooth paste like a puree - add more clay or liquid if needed. Then, Smother 1/8 to 1/4 inch thick layer of clay to your face and let it dry. Drying times vary, but times are generally 5 minutes for delicate skin and 15-20 minutes for normal skin. You will feel a pulling and tightening sensation, which is good! Your face will start to feel as if it is pulsating. Remove the clay by washing with warm water. A slight redness may appear after removing the clay. This is normal and will disappear in about 30 minutes." More information

Now your face has been rejuvenated, and you’re feeling fresh and looking gorgeous: there is one more thing to put the cherry on top of that gorgeous kisser.

I usually get my nails done, but I've decided to keep them natural and so went for a nude nail by Rimmel London - 130 French Lingerie. 

Let me know how it goes, guys! Comment and snap me your results!

Love to you all,

Dabz xx 


Tuesday, 16 June 2015


Heyyyyyyy guys!

I know I've been really bad with updating this blog, but I have finally finished my exams, so expect a lot more blog posts from me!

I wanted to share the details of an outfit I bought for my recent holiday.  I wanted something comfortable yet chic, an outfit that would look nice with sandals but one that you could also wear to dinner with heels. Topshop had exactly the outfit I was looking for!


Sleeveless Striped Drape Blouse
Price: £32.00
Item code: 13D01INAV

Striped Wide Leg Trousers
Price: £38.00
Item Code: 16N21HCRM

Blouse worn separately by Michelle Keegan:

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